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often disregarded corollary of the virtual creation
of All-Party National Governments and the
suspension of electoral contests, that since there
is no Opposition, party criticism should give
place to individual criticism of ministers, and
that instead of throwing out governments we
should set ourselves to throw out individual
administrative failures. We need no longer
confine our choice of public servants to political
careerists. We can insist upon men who have
done things and can do things, and whenever an
election occurs we can organise a block of non-
party voters who will vote if possible for an
outsider of proved ability, and will at any rate
insist on a clear statement from every Parlia-
mentary candidate of the concrete service, if
any, he has done the country, of his past and
present financial entanglements and his family
relationships and of any title he possesses. We
can get these necessary particulars published
and note what newspapers decline to do so.
And if there are still only politicians to vote for,
we can at least vote and spoil our voting cards
by way of protest.
At present we see one public service  after
another  in  a  mess  through  the  incompetent
handling of some party hack and the unseen
f activities of interested parties.   People are asking